What to do to practice responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is very important for gamblers. This is the most essential step for every players to practice.
Local help offers on site
While there are often large organizations in other countries that deal with responsible gaming nationwide, the offers of help in Germany are mostly organized locally. For those seeking help, this has the advantage that they can find real contacts on site. However, it is often a little difficult to find them. Which organizations in Germany offer concrete help on the subject of responsible gaming differs from state to state and often even from city to city. We recommend contacting a local self-help group here, as there is almost always current information about the best help offers in the respective city or region.

Self-exclusion and limits
Almost every online casino now offers its players the option to either completely exclude themselves from the game or to set certain limits. Deposit limits and time limits are often particularly useful here. Every reputable online casino also has an area on its website that is dedicated to responsible gaming and, in addition to numerous specific tips, also contains links to further help. Even in many online casino tests, these areas are now included in the rating.

Final thoughts
If you experience problems with your gaming behaviour or fear that your gaming behaviour will develop in an unfavourable direction, you should seek help. The online casinos themselves invest a lot in this area and are your first point of contact for offers of help. You should therefore not be afraid to tell the casino if you have any problems. In a second step, you should invest some time and look for a competent contact person in your area that you trust. Self-help groups can be found almost everywhere in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and are a good contact point.